xx.3 Day 2 at the gym and the keto diet.

Yesterday was my second session at the gym it was shorter than the first day but I can definitely feel the burn after this session.
It consisted mostly of cardio, I spent a good 10 minutes on a high-resistance cycling machine and 20 minutes alternating speed on the treadmill.
Through-out my whole time on the machine there was this one lady to the left at me who was sprinting and I mean full-on bolting her way through the miles. Maybe that will be me one day.

I tried to be a little brave and went on a stomach crunching device but stupidly enough I think I hurt my back andmyboobs, the seat was pretty high and the padding had to sit on your upper chest. Definitely need to research that one before using it again.

But that was pretty much my gym session!

Another thing I wanted to talk about today was the Keto diet and how I will be giving this another go. Previously I’ve attempted this diet and made it around 2-3 weeks before the ‘keto-flu’ made me too unhappy to continue.
What I was lacking then was the appropriate knowledge to get through it and I bet I was pretty close to entering ketosis.

This time I am going to do it.

But I’ll be doing it on a budget as I can’t really afford the recipes of my idol influencers.

Egg & Spinach will be my saviours!

Wish me luck!