xx.4 – It hurts.

Good morning all,
Let me tell you a little about my experience yesterday.

Please note I have never done a gym class in my life (school doesn’t count).
Anyway, me and my friend took part in our first class “Legs, Bums & Tums”.

It. Was. Brutal.

I knew I was unfit but I didn’t know HOW unfit I was until I took part in a class that I couldn’t even complete.
It consisted of lunges (with weights), wall sits (with weights), squats (with weights), pulsing all the way through (WITH WEIGHTS).
Safe to say I now hate weights.

I also developed a lot of shooting pains in my lower back which I am assuming is a result from an old back injury from where I used to carry heavy boxes of milk incorrectly when working at Costa Coffee.
Which was the main reason why I quit the lesson 35 minutes in.

I’m glad I quit, as I know my body’s limit.
However, I am in severe pain with my thighs, they’re literally like jelly, walking is so difficult now. And I have a full ache in my lower back just like when I first hurt it.

I don’t think I’ll be participating in those classes until I’ve got some strength back in my thighs.

I’ll just continue with the cardio..


xx.2 First day at the gym.

So yesterday was my first day at the gym, I went with two of my closest friends and lets just say it was great.

It’s a fairly popular gym and it’s hard not to get intimidated or disheartened (some of these people are incredible to even look at) by being in the same room as some of this trim body-building Gods/Goddesses humans, but after reflecting on it, everyone is just there to do their own thing and all these thoughts are probably natural and they’ve all started from somewhere.

I tried out the treadmill and barely made it to 10 minutes, then I went to the “floaty step thing” (I don’t know the names of the equipment) and that was actually fun – whenithasnoresistance.

Afterwards I got comfortable on the cycling machine for 5 minutes.
I must’ve just been excited because I couldn’t stay on a machine any longer than 5 minutes after that.

This was followed by the rowing machine which I suck at and probably need some training on how to use.

For the last 20 minutes I was playing with the weights, I shouldn’t really say playing, I was struggling and I am feeling it today, my legs feel like jelly and climbing one step is a challenge in itself.

Any tips for beginners?

Because I Am going again tomorrow!