xx.5 I binged.

It’s all in the title guys.
I’ve binged and I am really unhappy with myself.

It all started yesterday when I went home and all we had in the fridge was beef steaks, now that’s not the problem really, I could’ve easily had beef and veg.
But my mum’s friend was round and well let’s just say it lead me to making spagbol with beef bits instead of minced beef.

So I ate that for dinner.
Then I made pack-lunch of the remains for today and ate it (today).

There was also a chocolate bar involved but I am cutting my female body some slack as it’s THAT TIME.

But bottom line to all this is that I’m truly pissed at myself and since I’m still crippled (see previous post) I can’t even go to the gym to work it off.

So, my answer to this was to create a diet plan to help me back into ketosis as quickly as possible.

Diet Plan

7:30am – MCT Oil teaspoon (increasing to tablespoon over time)(https://www.amazon.co.uk/Available-Friendly-BPA-Free-Caprylic-Ketosource/dp/B01M12RE4D)

8:30am – Coldbrew Black Coffee or Regular Black Coffee (Depends on the weather)

12:00pm or 1:00pm – Banana/Strawberry Protein shake (mixed with unsweetened almond milk)

Black Coffee and water throughout to curb the hunger pangs

18:30pm – Meat: Fish, chicken, beef, lamb etc.
– Veg: Broccoli, Spinach, Cauliflower, Salad etc.


I will buy some almonds, bring some celery or boil some eggs just to have as a last minute resort but I am adamant to stick to this.

We begin clean tomorrow!